Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's Next: Michelle Rhee


Anonymous said...

What a dope! Did you notice how single-focused she is on removing teachers? She has no other idea of how to improve education other than blaming teachers.

She poo-pooed technology as a way to improve instruction, then at the end of the segment she implied that she could not live without her computer. Kids love to use computers too dummy! Train teachers intechnology integration and see what happens.

She does not have an original thought in her head other than fingering veteran teachers as the problem in education.

She has no idea of what the classroom is about. BTW she only lasted 3 years at the elementary level. Geez, send that carpetbagger back where she came from.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the essence of what MR was saying is true. I understand that it is difficult to separate the message from the messenger but given the volatile situation we find ourselves navigating it is important that we do so. There is no getting around the fact that the teacher in the classroom makes the difference. Technology can be a great tool to augment instruction but cannot replace outstanding teaching. We can help each other by increasing the level and quality of collaboration. If we see a teacher struggling we need to step up and provide suggestions, advice or whatever is needed to help that teacher. If we don't we fail not only our students but ourselves. It is not the good teacher that the press and public remember, it is the struggling teacher that grabs the headlines. Imagine the possibilities if we reach out to help each other.

-DCPS Teacher-

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